Threehouse Law Firm, P.C.

Threehouse Law Firm, P.C.

Planning Today, Protecting Tomorrow

At Threehouse Law Firm, P.C., our focus is you, your family, and your needs. With a focus on estate planning, asset protection, elder law, probate & trust administration, and Medicaid qualification, Threehouse Law Firm is here to provide support to you and your family in planning your estate, dealing with the sickness of a loved one, or handling a loved one’s affairs after their passing.

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Photo Credit: Bradley R. Barker

Photo Credit: Bradley R. Barker

Providing High Quality Legal Services Concentrated on Your Core Needs.

Our firm focuses on areas of law which are often difficult for families to understand, and which often arise in times of crisis. When discussing your estate planning goals and objectives, it is always important to work alongside your trusted advisors and professionals. This team-approach to your planning can help ensure that your goals are met, and help ensure that your planning objectives are satisfied without unnecessary complication. We welcome your financial advisors, CPA’s, and insurance professionals to attend our free workshops and attend any meetings with you, so that we can join your team of professionals to help meet your goals, and deliver peace of mind.

Providing Education to the Community

Our firm’s mission is to provide education to the community about estate planning, asset protection, and elder law. We offer free workshops to help educate individuals on the ever-changing estate planning landscape. We also teach people about asset protection and about how the Medicaid qualification process works, should you or a loved one ever need long-term care, like a nursing home.

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Serving residents of the Southern Tier and all of Western New York

With our office located in Olean, New York, Threehouse Law Firm is dedicated to serving residents of the Southern Tier and all of Western New York. If you are looking for a law firm and a trusted adviser to help you complete your planning, then Threehouse Law Firm is here for you.

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